20 Inky Rickshaw Comics Depicts Situations Full of Unexpected Twists

We’re back today with fresh compilations of amusing comics by a well-known artist that are full of surprising turns. Ricky Hawkins is an artist and cartoonist who owns the Inky Rickshaw Comics Instagram account. For his fans, the artist creates amusing comics. He is a very talented artist who posts comics on his Instagram account once a week. In addition, he has a personal webpage. His Instagram family consists of 35,300 followers.

According to the artist, he began creating comics in 2018. In short, he works as a teacher and only creates comics in his spare time. He draws cartoons for pleasure only. His comics contain some really great punch lines. Amazing stories are beautifully depicted in his comics. His comics are not ordinary and simple, but they are always full of unexpected twists. His best comics are presented in the section below.

Credit: Inky Rickshaw Comics

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#1. A Good Experience

#2. Super Vision

#3. Oath breaker

#4. Ferry Type

#5. Call This

#6. Rise

This comic book creator finds pleasure in creating dark and unexpected twists that surprise a lot of viewers. He usually bases his comics on typical traps and scenes from TV series and films. The jokes are cleverly arranged, and the stories are beautifully drawn, which makes his comics special. His comics are always composed of four panels, each of which has a surprising twist.

#7. Happy Birthday

#8. List

#9. Rock Paper Scissors

#10. The Legend

#11. Handy Information

#12. Let Down

#13. Magic

#14. Training

#15. Nightmare

Every stage of the production process, according to the artist, is significant, with the exception of coloring, which is his least favorite. I really recommend checking out Inky Rickshaw Comics on Instagram if you’re in the mood for some humor. You will not be let down. You can view more of his comics by clicking here and here.

#16. Repairs

#17. Siren

#18. Battle

#19. Summoned

#20. Not looking

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