By “Inky Rickshaw”, Here are 25 Dark Comics Full of Unexpected Endings




Comics have long been known for their bright graphics and joyful plots, but a new trend has evolved in recent years: dark comics. These cartoons dive into the depths of human nature, covering topics such as mental illness, addiction, and society’s darker side. Dark comics, while not for everyone, provide a distinct and thought-provoking take on the world we live in.

In this day and age of digital art and social media, a number of great artists have acquired notoriety by posting their work on Instagram. Inky Rickshaw is one of them, with 34,500 followers on Instagram. Inky Rickshaw Comics is a collection of humorous comic strips by its creator, Ricky Hawkins. This artist enjoys making comics with dark and unexpected twists that catch many viewers off guard. He usually creates comics based on the usual traps and scenes you see in shows and movies.

Except from coloring, which is the artist’s least favorite step, he believes that each step in the manufacturing process is important. Although his work is more superior in black and white, the use of numerous colors makes it far more lively. His comics, on the other hand, are everything but conventional and basic. The stories are beautifully illustrated, the humor is well organized, and the style is easily discernible. You must scroll through the gallery below to see this artist’s brilliantly designed comics.

You can also check out some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Inky Rickshaw

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#1. What the duck

#2. Brush with death

#3. Fairy supportive

#4. Getting out of hand

#5. Robbery snobbery

#6. Insane agent

#7. Robot arms

#8. Off the rails


#10. Side effects

#11. Madness

#12. Making cuts

#13. Tiny western

#14. The wizard of zombie

#15. Tarotfying

#16. Relationship

#17. Knock knock

#18. Just desserts

#19. That’s Gruff, buddy

#20. Cream of the crop

#21. Tom cat

#22. Give them no quarter

#23. Switcheroo

#24. Kneeteorologist

#25. Growing up

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