20 Comics Full of Dark Jokes by “Ryan Hudson” are Treat to Watch

Instagram has been an incredible platform for artists to showcase their talent, and Ryan Hudson, popularly known as Ryankhudson, is one such artist who has taken social media by storm with his dark comics. Ryan Hudson, a resident of Los Angeles, California, is a freelance illustrator, animator, and comic artist. He has garnered over 193,000 followers on Instagram, thanks to his unique style of comics that deal with themes of horror, sci-fi, and suspense. 

His comics are an excellent representation of the darker side of human nature, and his art leaves an indelible mark on the viewers’ minds. His comics are visually stunning with the use of bold colors and contrasts to create an eerie atmosphere. He uses a blend of traditional and digital media to create his art, making it more versatile and vivid. Ryan’s art is also known for its attention to detail, from the textures to the shading, which adds to the overall creepy vibe.

His unique style and approach to dark themes have earned him a place among the most talented comic artists of our time. His ability to create suspenseful stories that explore the darker side of human nature is nothing short of exceptional. It is no wonder that his work has gained a massive following and continues to inspire and entertain audiences. We have compiled some of his best illustrations in the following section. If you want to enjoy them, then take a cup of tea and scroll down to the section below.

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Credit: RyankHudson

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#1. This is so embarrassing

#2. I need an adventure!

#3. Celebration


#4. Total pro

#5. I hate when this happens

#6. You are totally awake


#7. Yeah, no thanks

#8. Make a wish

#9. Abracadabra


#10. A fresh cup of coffee

#11. I curse the cat

#12. Bottle of wine


#13. Vegetarian Sandwich

#14. You are free

#15. Just a dream


#16. Its a great idea

#17. Sexual Fantasy

#18. I am in love with you


#19. Evil entity inside

#20. Weird

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