By “Channelate”, Here are the 25 Funny and Dark Comics with unexpected Twists

Anyone who appreciates the dark humor found in comics should be familiar with Ryan Hudson. This renowned artist from Salt Lake City, Utah, is well known for creating the webcomic series Channelate. His passion for comics is evident in his work, which is at its best right now. He said that it could be difficult at times, but he has learned a lot since he decided to write and do art, and we can see how his efforts paid off.

In addition, he asserted in an interview that the first video he had seen, which was hosted by, served as inspiration for him to begin creating his own cartoons. He previously only used 3–4 panels to share his dark humor with people, but YouTube has allowed him to expand on that. He is currently fully immersed in this art. He posts his comics on his personal website, which is his own.

His method of drawing dark humor comics is distinctive, and as a result, his humor exudes every ounce of evil that can make one chuckle. You might laugh so hard at his work that your stomach hurts. He succeeds because of his perseverance, talent, and work. He is grateful to all the fans for the many doors that his comic book has opened for him. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations. Have fun!

Credit: Channelate

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