30 Comics With Dark Endings By Channelate Might Make You Feel A Little Bad For Laughing




Some comics need no introduction and Ryan Hudson’s Channel falls into this category. However, if you’re not one of the hundreds of thousands of people already following Hudson’s work online, consider this your lucky day, because you’ve just found a webcomic that perfectly balances dark and fun. Inspired by legendary comics like The Perry Bible Fellowship and Cyanide and Happiness, Channel has also become quite legendary. Hudson published his first comic in 2008, so he’s been going strong for more than thirteen years by regularly delivering tongue-in-cheek comedies with unexpected endings.

He, too, can watch these cartoon characters come to life with a voiceover in short animations the artist posts on Instagram and TikTok. These animated comics created with Adobe Animate and often voiced by the artist himself are like versions of animated sitcoms that are a few seconds long and have a unique way of telling a joke.

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Hudson told us that he knew he wanted to draw cartoons when he first went online in the late ’90s and stumbled upon a Flash cartoon website.

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist, but it always seemed like an unattainable goal. When I discovered webcomics and found that anyone could start one, I decided to give it a try and never looked back.”

Since his dream came true, he’s turned hundreds of dark jokes into comics over the last decade, and the funny thing is that every comic he puts online has an extra panel with an extra joke that we can all appreciate. To support his ‘comic factory’, which produces free reading content for all, he has been freelancing and started a Patreon page with exclusive content.



Hudson says his comics are “about poking fun at the human condition” with the ultimate goal of humor.

“Sometimes I hit that on the nose hard. Sometimes I get silly and silly. But, the human condition is what I try to orbit around.”

To tell the joke, he uses a simple and recognizable drawing style: “I used to describe my drawing style as stick figures with a weight problem. My characters aren’t really stuck figures, but they are generic to a certain extent.



Hudson said that comedians and comedy writers who dominate the human condition, like South Park and Rick and Morty creators Bill Burr and John Mulaney, are his “jam” and inspire him to explore everyday and absurd situations with which you can relate from your own perspective. We asked the artist where he gets new ideas for new comics:

“I come up with ideas by playing a one-person improv game. I take a one-word message and fill in three squares as fast as I can. It doesn’t matter if the joke is good. I just need to finish it. Do that enough times and I’ll come across a joke!”



The artist says that the most challenging part of being a comic creator is making a living from it, but the most rewarding is the ability to make people’s days better, which brings him happiness.

“The amazing comments from readers telling me I have made them laugh or brightened their day is what keeps me motivated to keep going.”




Comics aren’t the only creative outlet for this multi-talented artist; he also makes original music. He, too, can watch these cartoon characters come to life with a voiceover in short animations the artist posts on Instagram and TikTok. These animated comics created with Adobe Animate and often voiced by the artist himself are like versions of animated sitcoms that are a few seconds long and a unique way of telling a joke.




“Animation has been one of my passions for a long time,” says Hudson. “It takes a lot of effort, so it hasn’t always been part of the plan for my comics, but discovering the bite-sized delivery of TikTok made me realize that I could make really short animations and have an audience for them. And yes I would love to do more.”




Hudson jumped on the TikTok popularity bandwagon just a few months ago and exclusively posts his animated comics and answers trending questions from viewers there. His videos are perfect for a quick laugh, and millions of people who watch them are proof of that.







And if you want to start creating comics yourself, here are some tips from Hudson:

“Make as much art as you can. You have to be bad at things before you can be good at things, so don’t worry about that. It doesn’t mean people have to watch every single thing you do while you’re learning, but make sure you keep doing it.” “.









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