20 Comics Shows What Animals Might Say and Think if They Could Talk

If you are a fan of animal comics, then you have come to the right place because we are back with a new collection of comics. They Can Talk is a web comic that we bring to you today. It is a hilarious comic strip focusing on what animals might say and think if they could talk. It features a variety of creatures, from household pets like cats and dogs to wild animals like bears, sharks, and many more.

Jimmy Craig is the creator and artist, and the comic has been published online, in book collections, and even featured in The New Yorker. The humor comes from the unexpected ways animals perceive the world and interact with each other. He has 644,000 Instagram followers. It looks at what it might be like for animals to suddenly be able to communicate, showing us their funny takes on everyday events and interactions with people.

Credit: They Can Talk

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#1. Disturbance

#2. Awake

#3. Blizzard

#4. Toys

#5. Visitors

#6. Stocking

It’s a charming and appealing comic that presents an original viewpoint on the animal kingdom. Anyone who enjoys clever comedy, animals, and uplifting stories will find it perfect. He wants to believe that animals have minds that are similar to ours, so whether I am thinking about what animals are likely saying to each other or expressing my own beliefs about them, there are some truths in both.

#7. Got it

#8. Survive

#9. Authentic

#10. Feels Great

#11. Christmas

#12. Terrible

#13. No Use

#14. Stay Inside

He is primarily available on Webtoon, where you can find a collection of strips and even entire chapters. Additionally, you can find some strips on the artist’s InstagramĀ and Facebook pages. You can also find more comics on our website. For this, you have to click here, here, and here. Hopefully, you like his comics, and your time will be worth it to watch these comics.

#15. At least they knocked

#16. Game play

#17. Cat Food

#18. Bad luck

#19. Hilarious

#20. Low Profile

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