25 New Wholesome Illustrations Show What Animals Would Look Like If They Could Talk

Jimmy Craig, a British artist, is the owner of the Instagram account They Can Talk. The narrative includes a number of funny and relatable cartoons that give readers a peek into the private worlds of animals. This webcomic now has more than 616,000 followers and is a well-liked location for both humor and animal lovers. The account has established itself as a popular destination for animal lovers thanks to its witty and insightful comics.

Each comic book in the set shows a different species, ranging from cats and dogs to sharks and spiders. Craig uses clever captions and expressive drawings to give each animal a unique personality and set of quirks. In a scene of a pack of dogs in a field, for example, one dog is shown bragging about its ball while the other canines pout in envy. They Can Talk stands out for its exploration of animal emotions and ideas. Craig’s comics frequently emphasize the similarities between humans and animals, showing that our furry companions, too, have complex inner lives.

This approach has helped the account attract a wide audience, as many people can relate to the experiences depicted in the comics. In addition to its humor and relatability, They Can Talk also serves as a platform for raising awareness about animal welfare issues. Many of the comics address serious topics such as animal abuse and neglect and encourage viewers to support animal rights organizations and adopt pets from shelters. If you are truly a pet lover, then you will definitely relate to the 25 interesting illustrations in the following section.

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Credit: They Can Talk

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#1. Knock knock

#2. There is a catch

#3. Getting serious

#4. Find anything good?

#5. Multiple reasons

#6. Big plans!

#7. Staring at this leaf all day

#8. Can I eat it?

#9. Try not to overeat

#10. Really makes you feel alive?

#11. Affection

#12. Consequences later

#13. I want to be more social

#14. A great white shark!

#15. Christmas Tree!

#16. Forget about things

#17. Contingency

#18. Can you help me?

#19. Keep leaving reminders

#20. Help

#21. Scare Crow

#22. To-do-list

#23. For an acorn

#24. Still food in your bowl

#25. Titles

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