20 Rusty Creates Comics Full of Hilarious Jokes and Unexpected Punchlines

Rusty Creates is the Instagram account of an artist named Rusty Epstein. He is famous for his web comic with the username Bummer Party. Since he was a small child, he has wanted to be a cartoonist. But he did not know how to draw comics. But he did not give up, and he started learning about graphic design. It’s taking him twenty-five years to do it. He puts a lot of effort into keeping up with his 211,000 Instagram followers.


He is the artist who is famous for unexpected twists and exploring the awkwardness of everyday situations. This artist is the perfect example of how you can achieve your goal through continuous struggle. But keep in mind that you have to never give up. We have compiled his best comics in the next section. If you want to enjoy them, then take a cup of tea and scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Rusty Creates

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#1. Police work

#2. Circle of life


#3. Apartment

#4. So happy


#5. Have a great day

#6. Huge Fan


His comics are always based on surprising panels. Every panel has a surprising punchline. He captures hilarious situations mostly based on dark themes in his four-panel format comics. At first, you might feel that the comic seems boring, but in the next panel, there will be a surprising turn that will make you laugh out loud.

#7. Raising a flag

#8. Gay marriage


#9. Good Knife

#10. Like what’s her deal


#11. Be an Egg

#12. Promises


#13. Time to get organized

#14. Cute dogs


Rusty has a loyal following for his unique voice and perspective in the web comic world. He recently announced that Bummer Party Comics will be rebranded as Happy Party Comics, so keep an eye out for that. If you enjoy the blog and want to enjoy more such comics, then feel free to enjoy his comics by clicking HereHere, and Here.

#15. What happens?

#16. True purpose


#17. Swearing

#18. So much Work


#19. Plumbing Issue

#20. The Internet


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