A Cartoonist Creates Sad and Silly Comics To Make Your Day Better (20 Comics)

The fusion of sad and silly comics possesses a unique alchemy that wields a profound influence on our emotional well-being. These dualities, seemingly at odds, come together to create a potent elixir of catharsis and levity. Sad comics, with their poignant narratives and empathetic reflections of life’s trials, touch the deepest recesses of our hearts. They remind us of our shared humanity, allowing us to connect with the universal experiences of loss, longing, and introspection. On the flip side, silly comics inject whimsy and playfulness into our days, offering a respite from the weight of the world. They tickle our funny bones and evoke genuine, unbridled laughter.


When combined, these two forces form a symbiotic relationship, coaxing smiles from our sorrows and turning tears into chuckles. In this harmonious dance, they offer solace and release, proving that even in the depths of melancholy, there is room for mirth. Together, sad and silly comics possess the extraordinary power to brighten our days, providing a nuanced palette of emotions that ultimately enriches our human experience.

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Credit: Rusty Creates

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#1. To DO List

#2. Huge Nest


#3. Smell Like Garbage

#4. Optical Illusion


#5. Sick Game

#6. Motivation


Rusty.Creates is an Instagram account that serves as a creative haven for the talented artist Rusty Epstein. With a considerable following of 217,000 enthusiasts, Rusty Epstein’s account, which he aptly named @rusty.creates, has become a virtual gallery for a diverse range of artwork. His posts, numbering 1,744 and counting, offer a captivating glimpse into the mind of this gifted cartoonist and comic artist. Epstein’s comics are often drawn in a simple, cartoonish style. He uses bright colors and exaggerated features to create a sense of whimsy and lightness.

#6. Sharks

#7. Baby


#8. Murder Show

#9. Shadow


#10. To the Moon and Back

#11. Only girl in the world


Rusty Epstein’s niche in the world of art is nothing short of distinctive. He specializes in crafting “sad and silly comics for sad and silly people.” It’s a unique blend that strikes a chord with those who appreciate the beauty of finding humor even in life’s most poignant moments. Rusty’s comics delve into themes like anxiety, depression, and loneliness, but with a twist. He approaches these weighty subjects with a humorous, relatable touch that resonates with a broad audience.

#12. Lucy

#13. Only God


#14. Ghost Cat

#15. Welcome to the Internet


#16. Sweet Angle

His Instagram account is a visual feast for anyone interested in creative expression. It showcases Rusty’s illustrations, comics, and various other forms of artwork, inviting viewers to explore the diverse range of his talents. Whether you’re drawn to the lighthearted silliness of his comics or the deeper, introspective side that touches on life’s struggles, Rusty.Creates offers something for everyone. Run by Rusty Epstein himself, it’s a platform that demonstrates the power of art to connect people through shared emotions, no matter how complex or simple they may be.

#17. Jungle Juice


#18. Life is magical

#19. The House


#20. Reboot

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