Here are the 20 Silly and Random Comics by the “Rusty Creates”

Here are the 20 Silly and Random Comics by the “Rusty Creates”

Today, we’re bringing you a brand-new collection of comics that features even funnier strips that frequently have depressing and startling twist endings. We will always do our best to deliver some incredible talent to your door when the moment is perfect. When you’re feeling down, our major goal is to make you smile. We are always available for your mood treatment so that you can take a break from this stressful world for a while.

Let me give you a brief introduction to an artist by the name of “Rusty Epstein”. His “Rusty. Creates” Webcomic series is what made him more popular. He creates absurd comics about bizarre occurrences. When he was young, he had always dreamed of being a cartoonist. He’s finally doing it after 25 years. He works incredibly hard to attract the 232k followers he has on Instagram.

After practically not drawing at all for many years, he has been working for the past several months to enhance his abilities. Though it is still a work in progress, he is pleased with how it is progressing. For his fans, his comics are always amusing. Every time he discovers a new comic book creator he likes, he quickly becomes envious of their skill and wishes he could draw like them. Obviously, that’s not a good habit to have. Despite this, he consistently creates amazing comics for his followers. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations.

Credit: Rusty.Creates

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