This Artist Always Creates Absurd Comics about Bizarre Occurrences (20 Comics)

Rusty Creates is a webcomic artist who creates absurd comics about bizarre occurrences. The artist’s real name is Rusty Epstein, and he gained popularity through his “Rusty. Creates” webcomic series. Rusty Creates has gained a significant following of 217,000 fans on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Rusty Creates creates webcomics that are known for their silly humor and random twists. The artist’s comics often feature absurd situations and bizarre occurrences.

Rusty Creates is a master of transforming mundane occurrences into extraordinary and absurd scenarios. Through his comics, he explores a surreal universe where the laws of reality are bent and the unexpected becomes the norm. With a distinctive art style characterized by bold lines and vibrant colors, Rusty Creates’ illustrations have a captivating and playful quality that draws viewers in. His comics not only rely on clever narratives but also showcase their sharp wit.

Through witty dialogue and visual puns, they infuse humor into their creations, leaving viewers with a smile on their faces. Whether it’s clever wordplay or a cleverly placed visual gag, Rusty Creates has an innate ability to find humor in the most unexpected places. Through their work, Rusty Creates encourages us to question norms, celebrate the unconventional, and find inspiration in the most unexpected places. As they continue to create and share their comics, they remind us that in a world that often takes itself too seriously, a touch of absurdity can be a powerful catalyst for joy and creativity.

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Credit: Rusty Creates

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#1. Hold on to that joy

#2. Someone hot

#3. Have a great day

#4. Raising a flag

#5. Found a bone

#6. Oh shit!

#7. Frasier

#8. Let’s grow old together

#9. Astrology isn’t real

#10. Bad mood!

#11. Wildly off base

#12. Rockets

#13. NASA

#14. Firearms

#15. Comma

#16. So much sleep tonight

#17. There’s snacks in there

#18. Crime fighting dog

#19. It’s horrendous

#20. Free speech

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