20 Quirky Comics Based on Fantasy Scenarios and Random Twists by Inky Rickshaw

Inky Rickshaw is an artist who creates quirky and fantastical comics. The artist’s real name is Ricky Hawkins, and he is a teacher and performer who makes comics in his spare time. The name “Inky Rickshaw” is an anagram of his name and is just a sort of nonsense pair of words that he thought would go well with his random and fantastical style of comic-making. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Inky Rickshaw Comics and explore their signature style, which keeps fans eagerly turning the pages.

Inky Rickshaw creates comics that are based on fantasy scenarios, reminding us of myths and RPG adventure games. The artist’s comics are known for their unexpected twists and dark humor. The comics are drawn in a colorful style with a focus on inking, which is the artist’s favorite part of comic-making. Inky Rickshaw’s comics can be found on his website, inkyrickshaw.com. The artist also posts his comics on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The artist has a Patreon account where fans can support him and get access to exclusive content.

Inky Rickshaw Comics takes readers on fantastical journeys that transport them to imaginative realms far beyond the realms of everyday life. From whimsical fairytale landscapes to dystopian futures, their comics are characterized by vibrant and visually stunning worlds that ignite the reader’s imagination. He currently has 35,000 Instagram followers. By infusing fantasy elements into their narratives, Inky Rickshaw Comics creates a sense of wonder and escapism, allowing readers to explore endless possibilities and suspend their disbelief. We have compiled his best illustrations in the next section.

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Credit: Inky Rickshaw Comics

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#1. Magical Solution

#2. Go for gold

#3. Undread

#4. Tall grass

#5. Seeking wisdom

#6. Unwrapped

#7. Plenty of fish

#8. Get a clue

#9. Rock paper scissors

#10. Seeing red

#11. Loot hoarder

#12. Drawing a blank

#13. Recesss

#14. Very rude

#15. Fashion designer

#16. You will get burned

#17. Family tree

#18. This is not a very tall tale

#19. Straw!

#20. Look out!

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