20 Rds. To Nowhere Comics Based on Dark Humor and Clever Puns

A comic book artist named Ryan Rds has made a name for himself by combining humor, art, and storytelling in a unique way. His Rds. to Nowhere Instagram account has gained him a lot of popularity. Ryan has created a comedy style that is both relevant and enjoyable, portraying everyday situations with a touch of absurdity and humor. This style is inspired by the laughter and joy that his work offers others.


The main reason to make comics with dark humor is that most people enjoy dark humor rather than regular humor. With 8,086 Instagram followers, he’s well-known for being a comic-world master at capturing awkward moments. His everyday experiences, both imaginary and real, serve as the inspiration for his comics. Below is a gallery of our selections for his top 20 comics. Enjoy these comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Rds. To Nowhere

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#1. Streaking


#2. Ready


#3. Call Out

#4. Lot of glare


#5. Self Expectations

#6. Wrong Neighborhood


While his comics used to be daily, the artist has shifted to focusing on quality over quantity. This means you can expect more polished artwork with shading, color, and well-timed punchlines. He mostly takes ordinary situations and injects a dose of the unexpected, leaving you with a laugh. When the readers think they get the joke, he creates a hidden twist in the next panel.

#7. Constructive Thinking

#8. Dinner & a Show


#9. Default Browser

#10. Cash


#11. Local Delivery

#12. Gut Spillage


#13. New Plant

#14. Dream Chaser


#15. Not Slopped

The artist is a huge fan of rap music. He claimed that he regularly writes down comic ideas on his phone when people ask how he got started drawing comics. His comics offer a fun and quirky escape through relatable situations with a twist. This is a web comic you should certainly check out if you like darkly humorous comics. For more such comics, feel free to click here and here.

#16. Awards


#17. Want to go home

#18. Investment Platform


#19. Holy Spirit

#20. Stat Generator


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