Here are 20 Dark Comics Full of Unexpected Twists by Cartoonist Ryan

If you’ve ever felt like your own life situations happen only to you, then you are not correct. Because there is an artist whose good name is Ryan Rds. who captures these awkward situations in order to show that these situations happen to almost everybody. The artist illustrates the funny, absurd, and awkward moments most of us experience daily. The best way to handle such situations is to enjoy them instead of being sad.

The webcomic Rds. To Nowhere was created by Ryan. He has amassed 7,853 Instagram followers and is recognized as an expert at capturing awkward moments in the world of comics. His comics are inspired by both imaginary and real-life occurrences that he experiences on a daily basis.The following gallery features our selection of his top 20 comics. Enjoy these comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Rds. To Nowhere

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#1. Comic Ideas

#2. Take Care

#3. Disappointing

#4. Trouble sleeping

#5. Wondering

#6. USB

The artist loves to enjoy rap music. When he was asked how he started making comics, he said that he’s constantly writing down comic ideas on his phone. His comics often show clever puns, unexpected twists, and relatable situations. His art style is simple yet expressive, with bold lines and bright colors.

#7. Stop Guessing

#8. Horny

#9. World Saver

#10. Vampire

#11. No Excuses

#12. Special Eyes

#13. Every Aspect

#14. large Event

Ryan loves to explore themes of friendship, love, and finding humor in everyday life. He has mastered the art of the unexpected. When you believe you understand the joke, it suddenly takes an unexpected turn that will make you laugh out loud. If you want to enjoy more such comics, then stay updated. For his earlier articles on our website, please click here and here.

#15. Mental Health

#16. So relatable

#17. Single Statement

#18. Nail Cut

#19. Upstairs

#20. Work Harder

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