Here are 20 Clever Comics Full of Twisted Punchlines by Cartoonist Ryan

Humor has the unique ability to boost spirits, encourage laughter, and create a sense of connection among readers. Few artists in the world of comic strips have mastered the skill of creating uncontrollable laughter like cartoonist Ryan. Ryan Rds’ comics have earned a special place in the hearts of readers seeking a good laugh, with a unique blend of witty humor, clever wordplay, and endearing characters. His comics provide temporary relief with every chuckle, demonstrating that there is always room for a little joy.

Ryan Rds. is the creator of the webcomic Rds. To Nowhere. With 6,529 Instagram followers, Ryan has established himself as a master of quirkiness in the field of comics. His unique writing style typically blends bizarre characters, surprising events, and a hint of surrealism to produce a really remarkable reading experience. We have compiled his 20 best comics in the following gallery. Scroll down if you want to enjoy these comics.

Credit: Rds. To Nowhere

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#1. Social Stats

#2. Bumper Sticker

#3. Condiment King

#4. Stiff Arm

#5. Eye Phone

He has mastered the art of the unexpected. When you believe you understand the joke, it suddenly becomes strange or uncomfortable. As we struggle to accept the new, distorted reality that is being offered, this shock effect can be funny and leave us in giggles. He makes his audience laugh in this way.

#6. Wonderful

#7. Pizza Party

#8. Shot Shooter

#9. Ideas

#10. Input Optional

#11. That’s Funny

Sometimes these comics look into our own dark humor, which we may find amusing but would never reveal to ourselves. His comics’ success often depends on the creativity of the punchline. It’s the unexpected twist, wordplay, or dark turn that transforms the joke from humorous to hilarious. When the punchline is executed flawlessly, we are left in wonder of the comic’s creator and their ability to surprise and thrill us.

#12. Ancient Obsessions

#13. Check

#14. Apple Day

#15. Don’t Run

#16. Poll Results

#17. Vacancy

#18. Know it all

#19. Great Talk

#20. Health Check

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