20 Times an Artist Cam Gavinski Portrays Everyday Hilarious Moments


Cam the Fartist is a web comic created by brilliant artist Cam Gavinski. He is a Thai-American comedian, actor, screenwriter, director, musician, animator, and artist. This web comic has been running since 2009 and has gained a large following of 5,921 followers on Instagram. It has been praised for its relatable humor and its positive portrayal of relatable, hilarious situations faced in everyday life.

He also has a comedy musical show, BONHEUR, which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year to rave reviews. He also writes sketches because of his love for drawing. The artist is so perfect at it that he writes it for many well-known publications. Cam has written, directed, and starred in multiple viral videos that have amassed over a million views, and he has so many followers across social media platforms. You can check out his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Cam the fartist

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#1. Life


#2. Missed Everything

#3. Part 2


#4. Need Glasses

#5. Dr. Skate


#6. part 2

He captures the humorous and even frustrating situations that we all encounter by drawing inspiration from his own experiences and observations of the world around him. His illustrations have clear storytelling, expressive figures, and a clean, simple style. He makes relatable jokes out of everyday events by finding the humor in them. His work is straightforward and cartoonish.

#7. Simple Joys


#8. Blind Date


#9. So true

#10. Are you happy


#11. Stop

#12. Ex Girlfriend


#13. New Year

#14. Things


#15. No

His comics strike a perfect balance between humor and heartwarming moments. His comics can make you laugh out loud one moment and surprise you the next. If you’re looking for web comics that are both funny and heartwarming, be sure to check out Cam The Fartist’s work on Instagram. We guarantee that your time will be worth it to watch these comics. Have a great time.

#16. Whirl Pool


#17. Hilarious

#18. Part 2


#19. Go Fish

#20. Part 2


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