20 Comics by SR Shows His Everyday Life with His Partner

In a relationship, as a girl, you have to face many things that are mostly based on hilarious experiences. This is what an Instagram account named Comics by SR portrays. The mastermind behind this comic strip is Inzamam ul Huq. It features his own experiences in a relationship with his wife, whose nickname is Mu and his name is Bu. It’s filled with relatable humor about the little things that couples go through. 


He is also a TwinDad, playback singer, independent artist, rapper, lyricist, dancer, and composer. He was born in 1988. Yehuda’s love for drawing began in his childhood, expressed through artwork on his bedroom walls. The Mu and Bu series focuses on their own experiences as a couple. He currently has a huge audience of 60,500 Instagram followers. If you are a couple, then you can enjoy comics by keeping scrolling.

Credit: Comics by SR

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#1. Hilarious


#2. Netflix


#3. OK

#4. Hair Cutting


#5. Loose Weight

#6. What Happening


His comics are ultimately heartwarming, celebrating the love, support, and companionship that couples share. He also portrays the awkward situations, silly arguments, and frustrating moments that are all part of being in a relationship. Because, according to him, these things make the bond stronger. The main reason for making comics on such themes is that other people can also enjoy these moments with their partners.

#7. So proud

#8. Complete Sentences


#9. Hair Curls

#10. Love Display


#11. Morning Person

#12. Sweet Potato


#13. Cooking

#14. Time to talk


#15. no

He actively engages with his audience through his Instagram account. He offers a glimpse into his creative process and personal life, further strengthening the connection with fans. After watching his comics, they feel so relatable and enjoy the comics because these situations happen to almost all of us. If you also find this blog interesting and want to enjoy more such comics, then regularly visit our website.

#16. Salary Day


#17. Good Thing

#18. Squid Game


#19. Trying to express

#20. Seriously


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