20 Relatable Comics Show the Daily Life Adventures of Being in a Relationship




Love, laughter, and a touch of chaos—welcome to the world of relatable comics that hilariously depict the daily life adventures of being in a relationship. These endearing and light-hearted comic strips serve as a mirror to the comical, heartwarming, and sometimes quirky experiences that couples share on their journey together. From tender moments of affection to playful banter and everything in between, these comics capture the essence of modern relationships with a charming blend of humor and authenticity.

PiBuBear is a webcomic created by a couple named Pi and Bu, who have been together since 2013. They illustrate their daily life adventures and the ups and downs of being in a relationship in sweet and relatable comics. Pibubear came into Pi and Bu’s lives few years ago when Pi made a drawing of them having fun in the supermarket. Pibu Bear Comics takes readers on a captivating journey filled with friendship, courage, and endless adventures.

PibuBear Comics can be found on Instagram, where they have over 988,000 followers. Through simple yet expressive illustrations, these comics offer a glimpse into the small but significant moments that make up the fabric of a couple’s life together. Whether navigating the ups and downs of chores, or laughing at inside jokes, these comics remind us that the beauty of love lies in the simple joys shared with a partner. Beyond the humor, relatable comics also showcase the depth of love and support in a relationship. These comics serve as a delightful reminder that amidst the chaos of life, it’s the shared moments of joy, understanding, and laughter that make being in a relationship truly special.

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Credit: PibuBear

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#1. The distance

#2. Sharing is caring

#3. Butter fingers

#4. Stuffed

#5. Heart beat

#6. Ice-cream

#7. Co-pilot

#8. Won’t be long

#9. Getting into bed

#10. I haven’t showered

#11. Love

#12. Thief

#13. Unhook

#14. Under his booty

#15. No touchy

#16. Chocolates

#17. Everything

#18. What was it?

#19. Morning person

#20. The betrayal

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