This Couple Illustrates Their Ups And Downs In Sweet, Relatable Comics (30 Pics)

This Couple Illustrates Their Ups And Downs In Sweet, Relatable Comics (30 Pics)

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Although it sounds cliché, there are no ups and downs without ups and downs. Thanks to all the difficulties and challenges, we can appreciate even more the little things when being with that special someone, and that’s what Pibubear comics are all about: sweet little moments shared with your loved one.

Pi (her) and Bu (he) have been together for over nine years and love to share their life adventures through comics. They represent adorable and funny situations that they live as a couple that they can identify with. Scroll down for a blast of cuteness!

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Looking at these wholesome comics, one can feel warm and fluffy inside. Not without a reason! Spending time with that special someone, even if it’s just doing laundry together, makes you feel good. do you think the same?



The comics almost seem like a private diary. Between all the adorable parts, the artists casually drop very intimate moments here and there making the reader feel connected to the couple without even meeting them in person!



All of the comics Pi and Bu create are available in English and Spanish, which helps them reach people all over the world. They also have Twitch and Youtube channels where they stream and/or upload they’re behind the scenes and other fun videos!



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