An Artist Captures the Struggles of Being a Girl and Relationships in 20 Witty Comics




Murrz Studio is a webcomic and illustration studio created by the artist and writer Marry Park. The studio is known for its relatable and humorous comic strips that explore various aspects of everyday life, relationships, and the experiences of introverts. Mary Park, who often goes by the name Murrz, started creating webcomics in 2015 and gained popularity through her online presence. Murrz Studio’s comics often feature a character named Murrz, who is an anthropomorphic cat and serves as the main protagonist in many of the strips.

The comics revolve around Murrz’s adventures, observations, and humorous interactions with friends, family, and the world around her. The art style of Murrz Studio is characterized by its colorful and lively illustrations, which add to the charm of the comics. Murrz Studio has garnered a significant following of 778,000 fans on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Facebook, where fans eagerly await new comic strips and share their own experiences in the comments section. The relatability and wit of Murrz Studio’s comics have resonated with a wide audience.

Through her illustrations and storytelling, Murrz effectively conveys the ups and downs, funny moments, and challenges faced by girls in navigating relationships and the world around them. Her comics often feature humorous observations, clever punchlines, and a distinct visual style that adds to the overall appeal of her work. Murrz’s ability to capture relatable experiences and emotions in her comics has resonated with a wide audience. Many readers find solace and a sense of camaraderie in her comics, as they reflect their own thoughts and struggles in a lighthearted and humorous manner. Let’s take a look at some of her best drawings.

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Credit: Murrz Studio

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#1. One of the cleanest animals

#2. New hair cut

#3. Bravery

#4. Getting married

#5. Fool

#6. How to spoon

#7. Don’t go!

#8. How to stocks

#9. Let me do it

#10. Pretty sleepers

#11. Asian glow

#12. Army don’t play

#13. Past

#14. You look exhausted

#15. Got a boyfriend

#16. Check!

#17. ID

#18. Saying no is a toughie

#19. Munch!

#20. View

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