How Do Long-Term Partnerships Affect Things? Illustrated in 20 Sketches by Artist Murrz

Murrz is a talented artist who has gained popularity on Instagram for […]

Murrz is a talented artist who has gained popularity on Instagram for her adorable illustrations featuring herself and her boyfriend. With a unique style and a humorous take on relationships, her art has captured the hearts of 788,000 fans. Murrz’s real name is Mary Park, and she is a self-taught artist based in California. She started her Instagram account in 2015, and it wasn’t long before her cute and funny illustrations started to gain traction.

Her art typically features her and her boyfriend, who is simply known as “B.” Murrz’s illustrations are often based on real-life situations that she and her boyfriend have experienced, making her work relatable to many people. Her illustrations are simple yet expressive, with bright colors and bold lines. Her characters have oversized heads and eyes, which make them look cute and endearing. Murrz’s art style perfectly complements the humorous tone of her work, making her illustrations even more enjoyable to look at.

Murrz’s illustrations often touch on the ups and downs of relationships. She explores common relationship issues such as miscommunications, disagreements, and even arguments. However, she does it all with a lighthearted approach, making her art both relatable and entertaining. Her illustrations also celebrate the small, everyday moments in relationships, such as cuddling on the couch or sharing a meal together. Murrz’s work reminds us that even the simplest moments can be meaningful and special. You can check out some of her adorable comics in the next section.

Credit: Murrz Studio

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#2. I have been stuck in spicybook world

#3. Does anyone in this world want to see this damn diploma?


#4. Leaving toxic people

#5. The older I get, the more questions I have

#6. HouseOfTheDragon how dark are we going


#7. Nose bleeds

#8. I don’t always have anxiety, but when I do, I…….do.

#9. If you can like live longer than me that would be great


#10. I mean….it still works..

#11. I should just stay home and draw comics

#12. Just like Cinderella, everything nice goes away after midnight


#13. I’m only going higher from here

#14. Oh to have two bathrooms one day

#15. I can feel the disappointment every time I ask my parents to watch my cats


#16. Shout out to all the sisters that cleared the path to freedom!

#17. No matter how I look

#18. Just wanna punch someone


#19. Happiness > allergies

#20. Stressfully drives to creamistry at 10pm….

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