Long Comic Strip with Unexpected Twists by Cartoonist Mike Greaney (30 Drawings)

Mike Greaney, an Australian comic book artist, has the ability to come up with the most unexpected endings to any story. And he uses this talent in his work, posting regularly entertaining comic book panels to his Instagram account, @grichael.meaney. In long comic strips, the artist excels at depicting unexpected twists and ends.

Imaginary characters and dark humor are frequent features of Greaney’s comics. His cartoons are renowned for taking unexpected turns. As a teenager, he worked in a liquor shop and a fast-food restaurant. After that, he spent the next ten years working in animation, design, and the arts. After a good chuckle, his omics serve as a gateway to this happy therapy, making us feel lighter and more refreshed. Scroll down to the next section if you wish to lift your mood.

Credit: Mike Greaney

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#1. The time I lost my keys

“I’m an animator by trade, and while I love animation, it takes a lot of time to do,” the artist remarked when asked how the idea for making comics came about. He came up with the idea of turning ideas for dark humor stories and jokes into comics with unexpected endings. This is how he writes extended, dark comic strips for his true 25,200 supporters.

So explore the world of long-form comic strips if you’re searching for a reading experience that will introduce you to dark humor. One panel at a time, you could just find your next favorite story. Don’t hesitate to click on these links to read some of his earlier articles: here, here And here.

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