20 Comics With Unexpected Endings By Mike Greaney

Mike Greaney, a comic book artist from Australia, is someone who can seemingly come up with the most unexpected ending to any story. And he puts this skill to good use in his work, featuring regularly entertaining comic book panels on his social media.

“I get inspiration from all sorts of things,” says Mike. “For shorter comics, I mainly try to think of something that would be fun to draw: a werewolf transforming, a swamp witch, ghosts, etc., and I try to think of a joke to justify the drawings. My longer form comics usually start with the question “what if you could spawn unlimited ducks?” ‘What if a Twitter spam bot got smart?’ and the characters and stories evolve from there.”

Scroll down for some of Mike’s best comics!

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When asked how the idea of doing comics came about, the artist explained, “I’m an animator by trade, and while I love animation, it takes a lot of time and/or money to do. I stumbled upon the idea of taking ideas I had for animated stories and jokes and turning them into comics as a way to satisfy my urge to create and share work without having to spend years and years putting that work together.”



Like many of us, it took Mike a while to get into his dream career: “I worked in a fast food restaurant and a liquor store as a teenager. After that, I have been in animation, design and art jobs for the last 10 years. I like the experimentation that comes with creative work. Because no two animation jobs are ever exactly the same, there is always room to learn and creative problems to solve.”


















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