Here are 20 Whimsical and Colorful Illustrations by Cartoonist Steph Fusco

According to studies, color is a form of energy that may affect not only our minds and emotions but also the way our bodies work. As a result, we have yet another incredible selection of colorful comics for you. Artist Steph Fusco‘s whimsical and colorful illustrations can be found on her Instagram account, @artsystoof. In her Instagram bio, she calls herself a small scientist. Her vibrant graphics aim to whimsically depict ordinary circumstances in whimsical ways, which is the main focus of her comics.

Today, we’ve got some entertaining and colorful comics to lift your mood. This webcomic’s creator has decided to keep her personal information private from her fans. Even though she says it only takes her a few seconds to come up with a new idea, the time it takes her to draw a simple four-panel comic can range from two hours to almost a month. We have compiled her best comics in the next section. Just scroll down and enjoy these comics.

Credit: Steph Fusco

For more info: Instagram | Facebook

#1. Anxiety Disorder

#2. Hilarious

#3. Major Depression

#4. Do not mess with my friends

#5. There’s just something about her

#6. Chef

#7. Road

She currently has a small audience of 5,372 on her Instagram account, but her comics are worth watching. She also captures dumb and silly ideas in an amusing way. Her main focus is always to make her fans happy through her fabulous content. But she is not able to grasp a large audience due to some reasons.

#8. Mental Illness

#9. Need to Concentrate

#10. Strong Cry

#11. Toilet Paper

#12. Top Shelf

#13. Finally

#14. Painting

#15. Throw

She described herself as a webcomic artist and little scientist in her Facebook bio. The artist draws silly comics about dumb ideas. She started making cartoons as a coping mechanism for her pain, but she had no idea that anybody would ever see them. She may just have a small Instagram following right now, but if you watch her comics, you’ll definitely come to admire them.

#16. Easter

#17. Tooth

#18. Cute Clothes

#19. Beautiful Eyes

#20. Bath Tub Thoughts

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