20 Charming Illustrations by Crislane Passos About Being in a Relationship

Comics showing the ups and downs of love have grown in popularity, expressing the funny mistakes, sweet gestures, and often unpleasant reality of being in a relationship. These stories, panel by panel, bring to life the twisted mix of shared socks, movie night disputes, and whispered secrets that comprise our relationships. For such comics, we present another artist by the name of Crislane Passos.

Crislane Passos, a Brazilian illustrator, fascinates people with her beautiful illustrations. Crislane is a woman who created the original characters Max and Julia in her love comics. She is a talented talent who has garnered a huge following on Instagram, with 343,000 followers as of this writing. She is a Brazilian artist. A series of couple comics about Max and Julia, among her most well-known works, captures the essence of what real relationships are like. If you are a couple and want to enjoy a beautiful collection of comics, then feel free to explore the following section.

Credit: Crislane_passos

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#1. Bicycle Riding

#2. Christmas

#3. Game Time

#4. Let It Burn

#5. Shower Time

#6. When You Live Alone

Despite their unique, bizarre behaviors, they have been together for a while and still adore one another. These cartoons stand as a testament to the power and beauty of a strong, enduring friendship. Her Max and Julia comics are renowned for their realism and relatability. She skillfully captures all the subtleties of a real relationship, from the unusual arguments and misunderstandings to the beautiful little moments shared.

#7. Look Beautiful

#8. Broke

#9. Push Ups

#10. Just a Bite

#11. Singing Time

#12. Flower

#13. Beautiful

#14. Cleaning

They approach serious issues with a lighthearted perspective as well, negotiating limits, maintaining open lines of communication, and creating room for precious moments all while creating something together. Ultimately, these cartoons serve as a helpful reminder that, despite all of their complexity, relationships are ultimately about finding comfort, amusement, and a fellow companion for life’s great journey. I hope you all enjoy their comics. To see more comics, just click here.

#15. Angry Mood

#16. Happy Family

#17. Surprise

#18. What the hell happened?

#19. Not Angry

#20. Put Me Down

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