20 Decent Couple Comics by Max and Julia That Perfectly Sum up What True Relationship Looks Like

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Crislane Passos is a talented artist who has amassed a sizable following on Instagram, numbering 362,000 as of this writing. She is an artist from Brazil. A set of couple comics about Max and Julia, which are among her most well-known creations, capture the essence of what real relationships are like. These personalities are unique because they are not based on any real-life individuals. They have been together for a while and still adore each other in defiance of their individual quirks. These cartoons serve as a testament to the beauty and strength of a solid, committed partnership.


Her comics about Max and Julia are notable for their authenticity and relatability. She captures the nuances of a real relationship, from the small moments of tenderness to the occasional disagreements and misunderstandings. Through her art, Passos shows us that true love is not always perfect, but it is always worth fighting for. Her comics are a reminder that true relationships are built on a foundation of love, trust, and respect. 

Her illustrations are full of small touches that make her characters feel like real people. Whether it’s the way Max looks at Julia or the way Julia crinkles her nose when she laughs, Passos’ art is full of life and emotion. Her attention to detail and focus on positivity make her art a joy to behold, and her ability to capture the beauty of real relationships is truly inspiring. We have compiled their best 20 illustrations. If you are a couple, then you both take a cup of coffee and scroll down to the section below. I hope these will make your day.

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Credit: Crislane_passos

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#1. Old man

image 121
image 122
image 123
image 124

#2. Ready for Carnaval?

image 125
image 126

#3. Beginning vs after 10 Years

image 127
image 128

#4. When we love someone, of course we care

image 129
image 130
image 131

#5. In public vs alone

image 132
image 133

#6. Like a mechanical bull

image 134
image 135

#7. Naughty moments

image 136
image 137

#8. Love you more than coffee!

image 138

#9. Spider man

image 139
image 140

#10. Do you wanna bet?

image 141
image 142

#11. Take off all your clothes

image 143
image 144
image 145

#12. Over and over again

image 146

#13. Baby are you ok?

image 147
image 148
image 149

#14. Does it hurt?

image 150
image 151

#15. Do you want to make her dream come true?

image 152
image 153
image 154
image 155
image 156

#16. I’m not in love with you

image 157
image 158
image 159
image 160

#17. What did you steal?

image 161
image 162
image 164

#18. How was the dream?

image 165
image 166

#19. Baby, what colour should i use?

image 167
image 168
image 169

#20. Merry Christmas!

image 170

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