20 Lainey Molnar Comics Raises Awareness about Beauty Standards and Feminism

Artists have taken up the role of addressing issues surrounding femininity and body image with remarkable creativity and courage. These comics serve as strong visual narratives that address and question the constraints placed on women’s looks and behavior by society. Many artists create comics on similar topics in order to address these issues. From among such artists, we present Lainey Molnar.

She is an artist from Hungary, an illustrator, and a content developer. She has almost 1 million followers on Instagram under the handle @Lainey.Molnar. Molnar’s artwork is featured on the account, which includes images and comics that question conventional standards about femininity, body image, and other topics. Her comics’ major aim is to raise awareness about such issues. In the next section, we’ve collected her best comics. I hope you enjoy her comics. You can delve into some of her previous articles on Boredomomics by simply clicking herehere, and here.

Credit: Lainey Molnar

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#1. Biggest Accomplishment

#2. Boys will be Boys

#3. Christmas


#4. Inside Thoughts

#5. No Longer Settling

#6. Being a Parent


One of Molnar’s most powerful comics is about the pressures women face in order to meet beauty standards. Her illustrations are often basic, with a few important features that represent the characters’ feelings and experiences. This simplified style allows readers to focus on the comic’s message rather than getting distracted by unnecessary features.

#7. Relatable

#8. Life Skill

#9. It’s Normal


#9. Motherhood

#10. Don’t Cook

#11. Prioritizing Yourself


#12. Important Season

#13. Boy Math

It also shows how common these messages are, from advertising to social media to our own inner monologue. Molnar’s artwork urges people to evaluate these ideas and see that they are not true. Lainey Molnar’s art is a striking remark on the social constraints that women experience. Her comics remind us that we all have the ability to question and oppose damaging gender conventions.

#14. Being Single


#15. Good with kids

#16. Insecurities

#17. Eat More


#18. Growing Older

#19. Never Mind

#20. Love


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