Lainey Molnar’s 20 Honest Comics Beautifully Portray The Societal Pressures That Women Face




Lainey Molnar is an Instagram artist who creates thought-provoking comics about societal pressures faced by women. Her work delves into a wide range of topics, including beauty standards, body image, mental health, and relationships. Her illustrations are typically minimalist, with a few key details that convey the emotions and experiences of the characters. This pared-down approach allows viewers to focus on the message of the comic rather than being distracted by extraneous details.

The strain women experience to adhere to beauty standards is the subject of one of Molnar’s most potent comics. A woman is depicted in the comic staring into a mirror while being surrounded by different cosmetics. She hears a barrage of unfavorable comments as she puts on makeup and styles her hair, including things like, “You’re not pretty enough,” “You’re too fat,” and “Your skin is bad.” The lady is depicted in the final panel crying and looking defeated and worn out.  The emotional toll that social pressure can have on women is beautifully captured in this comic. 

It also highlights the fact that these messages are everywhere, from advertising to social media to our own inner monologue. Molnar’s art encourages viewers to question these messages and recognize that they are not reflective of reality. Overall, Lainey Molnar’s art is a powerful commentary on the societal pressures faced by women. Her minimalist style and poignant messages make her work accessible to a wide audience of 1 million fans, and her comics serve as a reminder that we all have the power to question and resist harmful gender norms. Let’s take a look at some of her recent illustrations.

By clicking here and here, you can also read some of her previous posts on boredcomics.

Credit: Lainey Molnar

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#1. Responsible for thier actions

#2. Older women traditional look

#3. Personal choices

#4. Physical vs mental health struggles

#5. Beauty

#6. Wrong house

#7. Goal of a relationship

#8. Don’t judge a woman by its dress

#9. Valentines day

#10. First date fears

#11. How is this even a valid argument?

#12. Celebrating love

#13. You deserve better

#14. Different perspective

#15. Teens vs 30s

#16. What we are feeling

#17. Self-care

#18. Others vs me

#19. Over 30

#20. Goal vs now

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