This Artist’s 20 Comics Honestly illustrate the Life of an Independent Woman

Women now have the freedom to act however they choose thanks to […]

Women now have the freedom to act however they choose thanks to changes in society. Women still face a lot of pressure from society today, though. There are many issues modern independent women face, from the abortion debate to dating norms. There aren’t many illustrators who use comics to depict such issues. We’ll talk about one of them today.

Lainey Molnar, a 32-year-old single lady, has chosen to live a childless life. She is therefore familiar with the criticism that women who deviate from social norms encounter. In her paintings, Molnar frequently uses a humorous version of herself to explore topics such as what an accomplished woman looks like and how stressful it is to constantly strive for the perfect “beach body.”

On Instagram, she currently has one million followers. Being an adult entails much more than just getting married. When one has control over their physique, they may dress respectfully and without feeling self-conscious. It’s also necessary to put an end to the dreadfully unrealistic beauty standards. Women ought to be free to pursue their own forms of happiness without having society dictate them. Let’s look at some of her comics to get a better idea of the overall situation.

Credit: Lainey Molnar

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