By American illustrator “Kao”, Here are the 20 Wholesome and Adorable Comics

Do you believe it’s because comic book fans never stop being amazed? According to the reaction, “comics always introduce us to new avenues and show a gorgeous, amazing, or sometimes quirky world in front of our eyes.” Naturally, they debate a wide range of human, animal, and inanimate object-related themes. The basic goal of these comics is to make you laugh.

This well-known webcomic was created by “Vincent Kao,” who also uses that name on Instagram. He is a Taiwanese-American cartoonist and comic artist best known for his webcomic Magical Boy, which won the Prism Award, and the slice-of-life web series Mondo Mango. Vincent received a bachelor of fine arts in illustration from Columbia College in Chicago. He started out by creating a number of comic strips based on his daily activities.

He can utilize his imagination to entertain others in the real world as well as create a hidden universe of comics based on his daily life. His comics are amusing because of the characters he employs. He has contributed to and self-published a number of crowdfunded comic collections as “Kao.” Today, he continues to work on his comics and illustrations with the goal of encouraging and cheering up his 120K fans and everyone else. You can read some of his comics in the section after this one.

Credit: The Kao

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