The 20 illustrations by this artist are extremely realistic looking and speak to those who are in relationships

Many artists portray relationships and love in ways that are so implausible that one might as well be watching Disney cartoons. Poka Arts, a Ghanaian illustrator, is not one of these artists, though. He decides to use risky graphics to express love in the most genuine way possible. “If you fall in love, you will have to suffer, but you will never consent to exchange your life for any other,” he cautions in all of his writings.

Pokagh is well known for his passion for animation, digital art, and illustration. With clever and humorous images, his work captures the true nature of relationships. His comics are quite popular with his audience because they convey strong, meaningful lessons that are applicable to families and couples. Because of his drawing abilities and color choices, his artwork appears to be quite realistic.

The primary goal of this artist’s comics is to record sweet interactions between couples. Pokagh Arts and Cartoons are gaining a lot of followers on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On his Instagram account, he presently has 151,000 real followers, and that number is rising. Enjoy 20 incredible illustrations on sweet and sour moments in relationships by scrolling down the page. 

Credit: Pokagh

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