These 20 Hilariously Dark Comics by Cartoonist Baldstache Can Amuse You


Some comic artists take satisfaction in making people laugh with their work, and animator Josh Sachs, often known as “Baldstache,” is determined to achieve just that. His comics range from simple and undoubtedly innocent everyday scenarios to truly ridiculous, absurd, and surprising turns with a touch of surrealism. He is a specialist at capturing ludicrous situations with surprising twists.

He is an Instagram cartoonist who has amassed over 21,500 followers thanks to his funny and frequently ridiculous drawings. Characters with exaggerated characteristics, such as big noses, small eyes, and big teeth, are common in his art. Cartoons by Baldstache frequently address commonplace issues like coping with a challenging neighbor, attempting to obtain a good night’s sleep, or maintaining one’s health. But he also frequently addresses more somber subjects like social anxiety, mental health, and the stresses associated with modern living. You can check out his best 20 comics in the following section and some of his previous posts on Boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: Baldstache

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#1. Menstruation


#2. Drinking Experience

#3. Where am I?


#4. Emotional Support

#5. Belly Rubs


#6. Tears Flowing

He claims that I used to read The Washington Post’s comics section every morning before school. I started making up my own characters in second grade and fitting them into short stories that I probably stole from Garfield. I also went through a time where I drew the comics late at night, but my therapist says that’s quite normal. That’s why he started making such comics.

#7. Sit Outside The Market


#8. Predators

#9. Paper Work


#10. Surprise

#11. Bath Time


#12. Reason

#13. Reports


#14. Eye Brows

Short captions by Baldstache frequently enhance the humor or offer further insight into the cartoons’ subjects. Talented artist Baldstache uses his creations to provoke thought and laughter in viewers. His drawings are a welcome addition to the Instagram community, and in the years to come, he will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity. If you enjoy the blog, don’t forget to comment and share it.

#15. Empty Ear Canal


#16. Night Mare

#17. Under World


#18. Free Will

#19. Success


#20. Burning Out

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