20 Absurd Comics about Everyday Situations by Cartoonist Josh Sachs


Absurd Comics thrives on showcasing the humor hidden within everyday situations. With a splash of whimsy and a pinch of surrealism, these comic strips masterfully navigate the absurdity that often accompanies our mundane routines. Absurd Comics skillfully injects humor into the most mundane scenarios, leaving readers simultaneously bewildered and entertained. With each turn of the page, these comics remind us to embrace life’s absurdities and find joy in the unexpected. Today we bring you another good collection of absurd comics.

Josh Sachs is an Instagram artist who has gained a following of over 22,000 people for his humorous and often absurd cartoons. His work often features characters with exaggerated features, such as large noses, small eyes, and big teeth. Baldstache’s cartoons often deal with everyday situations, such as dealing with a difficult neighbor, trying to get a good night’s sleep, or trying to stay healthy. However, he also often tackles more serious topics, such as mental health, social anxiety, and the pressures of modern life.

Baldstache’s cartoons are often accompanied by short captions that add to the humor or provide additional commentary on the subject matter. He also frequently uses motion graphics to add movement and animation to his work. Baldstache’s cartoons have been praised for their humor, their ability to connect with viewers on a personal level, and their visual style. Baldstache is a talented artist who is using his work to make people laugh and think. His cartoons are a welcome addition to the Instagram community, and he is sure to continue to gain a following in the years to come. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Baldstache

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#1. Jym position


#2. Men!

#3. Nip it in the nip


#4. When i dip you dip we dip

#5. Constipated


#6. Confused behavior

#7. Dirty dishes


#8. Reading disorder

#9. Unsexccessful


#10. Fitness goals

#11. Robot


#12. Antinatalism

#13. Lunch broke


#14. Bonus

#15. Shockingly good working environment


#16. Answer the phone

#17. Dressed to oppress


#18. Worked to the bone

#19. Power move


#20. Board at work

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