Jude Devir Sums Up the Frustrations of Having Kids in Married Life (20 Comics)

Parenting is a very responsible and tough job. It can be frustrating to constantly meet the needs of kids, leaving you feeling drained and with little energy for your relationship. The humor in the frustrations of having kids in married life comes from a place of relatability. Sometimes laughing at the mishaps kids create is a way to deal with the stress, and Jude Devir is perfect at it. His cartoons are a way of acknowledging the challenges while still finding joy in the situation.

If you know the name Jude Devir, then you are also familiar with the web comic series One of Those Days. It is a comic series based on the lives of a married couple that humorously depicts the frustrations of having kids in married life. This web comic shows the relatable and mostly absurd situations that parents face in a lighthearted way. He currently has an audience of 5.2 million followers on his Instagram profile.

Credit: Jude Devir

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Israel is where Jude Devir was born and grew up. He has always been interested in art and has been drawing since he was a youngster. Maya Devir is the name of her wife. He happily and humorously portrays his everyday life with his wife. The illustrations highlight the couple’s friendly and lighthearted relationship by showing them in several kinds of situations, from cooking in the kitchen to resolving small conflicts.

#1. Happy Birthday Princess

#2. Body Language

#3. Bad Romance


#4. Crying Babies

#5. So Weird

#6. Grown Ups Toys


If we talk about the educational background of the artist, then he studied graphic design at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, where he later also worked as an artist. After graduating, Devir worked as a freelance illustrator, creating artwork for a range of clients. Then, after that, he wants to pursue his childhood interests. He therefore takes the initiative to express his everyday discomforts through comics.

#7. Protect The Baby

#8. Mom For Everyone

#9. Got her first vaccine


#10. Shit Happens

His comics The messy realities of married life, such as lack of sleep, communication struggles, and household tasks, all get their fair share of the spotlight. All of the characters in his comics are energetic and full of expressions that perfectly convey the emotions of the moment. He always uses a single panel to capture the essence of a situation, and it is enough for him to show the whole story through it.

#11. Water Break

#12. The First Kick


#13. Move

#14. Salt Face

#15. Moving to the Country Side


It’s interesting to note that he attributes his decision to obtain this degree to his wife, Maya. The relatable issues of a couple’s daily lives are the main subject of this series. Their comics are renowned for their comedy and for being able to convey the pleasures and difficulties of being in a relationship. We hope you all enjoy their comics. HereHereHereHere, And Here are links to our website, where you can view his earlier posts.

#16. Pimple Problems

#17. The Art of seduction

#18. Ovulation Operation


#19. Late night eating

#20. We are on a diet

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