20 Times Jude Devir Shows Frustrating Situations With His Wife

Many married couples face different silly and strange situations on a regular basis. Some of them are frustrating, while some of them are enjoyable. But these are the moments that make the relationship bond even stronger. This is what an Instagram artist named Jude Devir is famous for. We are back to bring you another collection of his comics to make your day better.


He grew up in Israel and has always been interested in creating artwork, having started to draw at the age of five. He and his wife Maya are the creators of the well-known web comic series One of Those Days. It depicts the amusing as well as stressful situations he and his wife experience on a daily basis. He has 5.2 million Instagram followers as of right now. We’ll explore a few of his greatest illustrations in the section that follows.

Credit: Jude Devir

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#1. Hair


#2. Yoga


#3. Some seconds before happiness

#4. Honestly, that’s not mine


#5. Not today

#6. Mommy’s got a bun in the oven


He studied visual communication at the Jerusalem-based Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, where he was employed as an artist. He created artwork for a number of clients as a freelance illustrator after receiving his degree. This motivation led him to start his own comic series. He stressed out the frustrating moments that happen in his daily life with his partner and family, which are always enjoyed by his fans.

#7. They complete me

#8. That’s not mine


#9. Trash talk

#10. Clicking Pictures


#11. Basic Needs

#12. Teeth


#13. Masterpiece

#14. Food Fight


Interestingly, he credits his wife Maya for convincing him to pursue this degree. This series focuses on relatable themes of everyday life within a couple’s relationship. Their comics are known for their humor and ability to capture the joys and challenges of being together. Hopefully, you people like their comics. You can also check his previous posts on our website by clicking herehereherehere, and here.

#15. Happy Valentine’s Day

#16. Sale


#17. No Noise

#18. Wake-up call


#19. Love you so much

#20. Job


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