A Couple illustrates Their Life Together Through Humorous One-Frame Drawings (20 comics)


Illustrating one’s life as a couple through humorous one-frame drawings has become a popular and endearing form of creative expression. These artistic duos capture the essence of their shared experiences—the joys, the challenges, and the idiosyncrasies of daily life—with a dash of humor. Through these charming illustrations, they invite viewers to partake in their world, offering glimpses into the shared journey of love, companionship, and the everyday moments that define their relationships.

Meet Jude Devir and Maya Devir, a talented artistic couple, have found a unique and endearing way to document their lives together through a series of humorous one-frame drawings. These illustrations offer a delightful glimpse into the ups and downs of married life, portraying the couple’s shared experiences in a whimsical and relatable manner.

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Credit: Jude Devir

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#1. The Walking Dad


#2. Have you seen?

#3. Oh Yeah!


#4. Nope!

#5. Mommy!


#6. Selfie Time

Jude Devir is an Israeli comic artist who, along with his wife Maya Devir, creates the popular webcomic series “One of Those Days.” Jude Devir has an Instagram account with the handle @jude_devir, where he posts his artwork and comics. His Instagram account has 5.4 million followers and features a collection of his unique and humorous artwork. Jude Devir is married to Maya Devir, and together they create this webcomic series. Yehuda is the main artist for the comic panels, while Maya, who is also a visual artist, is the art director and helps with concept, composition, and color.

#7. Happy Anniversary


#8. Help!

#9. Where are my presents?


#10. Tea Party

#11. Bath Time!


#12. Happy Birthday!

Yehuda and Maya Devir have won several awards and recognition for their work, including the Most Creative Content Maker Award at the Inflow Global Summit Awards, an international competition for social media influencers in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2019. They were also listed among 10 groundbreaking Israeli entrepreneurs by The Marker business newspaper. Their collaborative work, published on social media platforms like Instagram, captures the ups and downs of married life, parenting, and various adventures in a relatable and comical way.

#13. The Mask


#14. Honey?

#15. I can do it my own


#16. Size does matter

#17. Bathroom


#18. My Babies

The couple’s comics often touch on themes such as relationships, parenthood, and the humor found in the mundane moments of life. Viewers can’t help but see aspects of their own lives mirrored in these drawings. Jude Devir’s charming and well-illustrated stories have garnered a large following, making Jude Devir and Maya Devir popular figures in the world of webcomics. Their work resonates with a wide audience, offering a delightful and humorous window into the joys and challenges of married life and parenting. Their one-frame drawings are not just illustrations but reflections of love, humor, and the beautiful chaos that comes with living life together.

#19. Are you good?


#20. Sleep Time

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