Here are 20 Long Comic Strips Full of Clever Punchlines by Hamder Kasper




It’s the Tie is a webcomic created by Danish artist Hamder, a comic maker from Denmark. It is a long-panel webcomic. The title of the comic refers to the fact that each comic is centered around a tie. The tie is often used as a metaphor for different aspects of life, such as work, relationships, and identity. It is a series of comics that transports readers into a world of dark humor and unexpected turns. The comics are also well illustrated.

Hamder Kasper’s artistry lies not only in his ability to sketch with utmost precision but more so in his ability to infuse humor into seemingly ordinary scenarios. His long comic strips stand out distinctly in the comic world. Hamder Kasper’s simple yet expressive illustrations perfectly capture the humor and heart of the comic. The characters are relatable, and the stories are often relatable. It’s the Tie is a joy to read, and it is sure to put a smile on your face.

He respects his 51,500 audience’s intellect and does not dumb down his comedy. Every punchline is a delicate blend of wit, satire, and a dash of real-life humor. He makes us ponder and laugh, a rather unusual but delightful combination. Over the years, Kasper has developed a style that’s uniquely his. Simple yet intricate, subtle yet provocative, this style shines through each of his long comic strips. It’s visible in the way his characters speak, react, and, yes, deliver those absolutely clever punchlines. To sum up, if you have yet to experience Hamder Kasper’s long comic strip full of clever punchlines, you’re missing a wonderful world of humor.

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Credit: It’s the tie

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#1. Flat Line!

#2. Jobs in Cricus

#3. Celebrate the centenary

#4. Global Warming

#5. What are you doing?

#6. Female Terrorist

#7. Adorable Costume

#8. Can’t sit there

#9. Come up here

#10. Nothing left to live

#11. Where am I?

#12. I can do this

#13. Make a wish!

#14. What do you do?

#15. Not Ok to work

#16. Fragile

#17. Overweight

#18. Like to commit

#19. Don’t have any cash

#20. X-ray

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