20 Witty Comics with Dark Ending By “Kasper” That Surely Everyone will Enjoy

We all need to perk up like a little kid at some point in life. For an excellent crackup, a well-known webcomic series “Hamder Kasper” touches the entire modern world is the way to go. If you find yourself in a bad life situation, be sure to look for comica to make your mood good. Life is too short for guilt and while people believe the best humor in life, situations can be looked at from a different view.

“Kasper” is an artist who makes dark comics to turn people’s sadness into happiness. He lives in Denmark. As a self-proclaimed comical monkey, he has illustrated various topics on his website. The basic theme of his comics is dark humour. He has currently 54.7k followers on his instagram account.

To make people laugh, Kasper also known as “It’s the tie” has some excellent content for all readers. His comics are always enjoyable for his fans. We have compiled some of his comics in the gallery below. If you are dark humour lover then must scroll down the section to make your mode happy.

Credit: hamderkasper

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