20 Twisted Comics Full of Clever Puns Will Surely Tickle Your Funny Bone




When you find yourself in those moments of solitude, seeking solace or simply looking to lift your spirits, humor often becomes the most reliable companion. It’s like a trusted friend who knows just how to tickle your funny bone when you need it the most. Laughter has the remarkable ability to bridge the gap between loneliness and connection. Whether through a witty joke or a humorous story, humor has the power to transport you from isolation to a world of laughter and shared amusement.

In times like these, “Daniel Murrell” steps in as a beacon of joy, ready to unveil a fresh collection of twisted comics that promise to chase away those solitude-induced blues. He is a comic artist who creates comics about life, gaming, popular culture, and other things. With a knack for turning the mundane into the absurd and the everyday into the extraordinary, Danby’s comics are a delightful escape into a world of witty quirkiness and playful imagination.

On Instagram, he has over 17,200 followers and has posted over 186 times. On Twitter, he has over 1,800 followers and describes himself as a comic artist who creates art for the internet. Through cleverly crafted illustrations and a witty sense of humor, “Danby Draws” brings to life a medley of characters and scenarios that will have you grinning, chuckling, and feeling a little less alone in the process. So, when you crave the therapeutic embrace of humor, look no further than Danby’s twisted comics to brighten your day and remind you that laughter is indeed the best company.

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Credit: Danby Draws

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#1. Golden Die

#2. Mermadness

#3. High Times

#4. Safety Hazard

#5. Just Like The

#6. The Upper Hand

#7. Oh Brother

#8. Better Fly

#9. Twitter Fix

#10. Tomb Work

#11. Threads

#12. The Real Tragedy

#13. Blue Clues

#14. No Garfield

#15. Light Particle

#16. Add Some Color

#17. Flutter Flies

#18. Captain’s Log

#19. Quantum Hole

#20. Badly Wounded

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shahzaib ali
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