20 Interesting Comics With Light Humor By “Danby Draws”

Daniel Murrel, who lives in Southern California, creates light-hearted comics to entertain people. The artist began his “Danby Draws Comics” webcomic series in August 2020 and is constantly posting new comics to his Instagram account every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In his account description, Danby writes: “I draw comics for the internet. Maybe that’s you.

Daniel loves to put a smile on people’s faces through his interesting series of comics. In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Daniel revealed, “I loved reading comics ever since I was a kid. And I’ve been drawing on and off for a long time. I used to post comics and only share with friends, but during the pandemic, I started sharing on social media. The goal of comics is to make beautiful comics that make people happy.”

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“My main inspiration would be the comic book artists Bill Watterson and Kris Straub,” Daniel added in the interview. “Like so many others, I grew up reading Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes comics, and that had a huge impact on the kind of comics I like to create. I still use the dark, inked outlines because I loved how they looked in his work. I wish I could fully emulate watercolors, but that’s hard to do digitally.”



The artist also revealed that he takes time deciding which comic to do next because he has too many ideas. “Usually I sketch it out and show it to my wife for her approval. So it could take me three to ten hours to finish the comic. I usually try to keep them simple, but they can get pretty intense art-wise,” said Daniel.



Daniel said that he has received mostly positive comments for his work, and also some rude ones: “I have received a fair amount of nice comments from people on the internet. I really appreciate you. Sometimes I get rude comments, but the healthiest thing is to just ignore them. I’ve also seen a handful of funny memes and alterations to my art. You never know what’s going to happen when you put stuff like that out.”



The artist’s motivations for creating these comics are curiosity, identification and art itself: “I would say that I mainly enjoy telling stories. Even when you have limited space, you still have the opportunity to be poetic in your own way. You can still capture a feeling that resonates with people.”













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