Cartoonist Daniel Murrel Creates Quirky Comics Full of Random Situations (20 Comics)




Quirky comics are a type of comic that is characterized by its random and often absurd humor. These comics often feature characters who find themselves in strange and unexpected situations, and the humor comes from the unexpected twists and turns of the story. These comics are a great way to get a laugh and to think about the world in a new way. In the world of comics, there are artists who bring laughter, imagination, and a dash of randomness to our lives.

Danby Draws is a website and social media account created by Daniel Murrell, where he posts his comics about life, gaming, popular culture, and other topics. His artistic style can be described as a harmonious blend of realism and imaginative elements. At the heart of Danby Draws’ work lies an imaginative mind that finds inspiration in the everyday moments of life. With a knack for observing the quirks and idiosyncrasies of human behavior, Danby draws mundane situations into extraordinary comic strips.

Through his distinct visual style and clever dialogue, he creates a world where the unexpected becomes the norm and hilarity ensues. Each panel is meticulously crafted to deliver visual gags and humorous punchlines that leave readers entertained and wanting more. Whether it’s a talking animal, a misplaced object, or a bizarre encounter, Danby Draws’ comics keep readers guessing and delighted by the unpredictability of each story. He currently has an audience of 16,700 on his Instagram account, which is still growing. If you are looking for a good laugh or something to make you think, then I highly recommend checking out some quirky comics.

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Credit: Danby Draws

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#1. Zelducken

#2. Factual mistakes

#3. Plot Armorer

#4. Cunning cat

#5. Death of the wild

#6. Sleep tight

#7. In the bluff

#8. Dinosaur king

#9. Positing posteriors

#10. Late worm

#11. Laser beams

#12. Early worm

#13. Killer zodiac

#14. Show me your movies!

#15. The summoner

#16. Ups and downs of marriage

#17. Little mermaid

#18. Danger zone

#19. Haha!

#20. Wish

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