California Artist’s 20 Hilarious Comics With A Dark Twist

The Danby Draws webcomic was released in August 2020 and is updated every Monday and Friday. His comics are drawn by Daniel Murrell, who lives in Southern California with his family. The gag-a-day comic mainly focuses on life, nerd culture, family, and gaming, and aims to deliver exciting comics that will make people laugh out loud. Since childhood, Murrell has loved reading comics and has been drawing from time to time for a long time.

Inspirations? Murrell’s main inspirations include comic book artists Kris Straub and Bill Watterson. Art takes time to practice and produce; therefore, Murrell takes three to 10 hours to finish a comic and shows it to his wife for approval before sharing it with their online audience. While his comics seem simple, they can go in a direction you don’t expect. We have compiled the latest from the artist. Take a look, and enjoy!

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