20 Bevinodi Comics Beautifully Portrays Heartwarming Animal Moments

Bevinodi Comics, We are here today to talk about an artist by the name of Rajnik Patel. He is an Indian comic book artist who uses a variety of animal characters to convey a range of emotions. He has amassed 80,500 Instagram followers by producing content that appeals to his fans. We will go over a few of the animal personas that the artist has used in this discussion. e.g., Dino, Butterfly, Seahorse, Hedgehog, and many more.

He is best known for his webcomic Bevinodi. Birds ascending in the sky, animals rushing in the fields, and fish swimming in the sea are sights we are used to witnessing. But because they are working so hard, we have no idea what is going through their heads. But Rajinik Patel, an artist, does. Drawn to human features, Patel parodies animals in which wolves, spiders, and octopuses become husbands, wives, and children, and the artist easily encourages his involvement in known scenarios. Keep scrolling and take a look at some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Bevinodi

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#1. You can’t hide love

Bevinodi Comics

#2. What our kids would ask in future?

Bevinodi Comics

#3. Love Corner

Bevinodi Comics

#4. Poor Mantis

#5. Ride

Bevinodi Comics

#6. Land Horse Toy

Bevinodi Comics

Despite their physical differences, animals frequently display feelings and actions that humans find extremely relatable. His comic strips have the ability to portray these situations through emotive illustrations and straightforward storytelling, encouraging empathy and a sense of connection with our animal friends. Regardless of species, we feel a strong connection with them because we can relate to their playful antics, protective instincts, and unconditional affection.

#7. Human Toy

#8. He got his answer

Bevinodi Comics

#9. Don’t Deserve

#10. Good Boy

#11. Hug

Bevinodi Comics

#12. True Story

#13. Dragon

Bevinodi Comics

#14. Look So Scary

Bevinodi Comics

His comics frequently explore the oddities of ordinary life, ranging from the simple to the extraordinary. With a touch of black humor, he addresses issues of loneliness, anxiety, and the human condition in a way that is both relevant and interesting. He usually depicts such endearing feelings with animal characters. Look no further than Bevinodi Comics for comics that are touching and hilarious at the same time. By clicking here, you can view his previous posts on Boredcomics.

#15. Flowers

Bevinodi Comics

#16. Filthy Insect

#17. Nice Idea

Bevinodi Comics

#18. Loneliness

#19. Fastest Ride

#20. Online Class

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