20 Blanche Comics Sums Up Relatable Situations Faced by Girls

Blanche is an artist located in Montreal. Her Instagram handle is Blanche. Draw. Blanche has amassed over 30,300 followers. Her comics, which examine the common situations of young women, are witty and engaging. Blanche typically uses a straightforward yet emotional drawing technique in her comics. Although her color scheme is limited, her characters have a lot of charm. Blanche frequently plays the lead role in her comics, and she’s not averse to making light of her flaws.

Her own experiences, as well as those of the women in her immediate surroundings, frequently serve as inspiration for her artwork. She makes tattoos, too. The experiences of women are highlighted throughout Blanche’s artwork. Her comics skillfully capture the ups and downs of this journey by showing characters battling self-doubt, pursuing their passions, and eventually coming to terms with their individuality. She expertly blends humor and perceptive speech into her comics to produce moments that make readers laugh and feel as though they are part of a shared experience. Let’s explore her best 20 comics.

Credit: Blanche. Draw

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#1. Santa

#2. Dog Video

#3. Transformation

#4. Don’t Know

#5. Snow Time

#6. Magic Spark

The artist, who received a Bachelor of Arts in comic arts from the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), makes whimsical paintings that depict fictitious occurrences in life or a fantasy world inhabited by mermaids and other creatures. She enjoys making comics that will make other people laugh, just as she enjoys laughing. Blanche said that creating comics was a lot of fun for her. It’s such a flexible form of expression.

#7. Just Hungry

#8. Pimple

#9. Hilarious

#10. City Fire

#11. Amazing Planet

#12. Dangerous

#13. Shallow

The Everyday Life of a Young Girl takes center stage in her charming comics, which perfectly capture the spirit of her adventures, dreams, and experiences. These comics provide readers with a glimpse into a world where wonder permeates the mundane through a blend of innocence, imagination, and magic. She does this by making comedy that is relatable to her audience, which wins over their hearts. You can also visit some of her previous articles by simply clicking herehere, and here.

#14. Celestial

#15. Freeze

#16. Plump

#17. New Saddle

#18. Demon

#19. Spicy

#20. Drip

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