20 Hilarious Comics by Canadian Artist “Blanche” will make your day better

Blanche is a Canadian artist with a distinct sense of humor. She […]

Blanche is a Canadian artist with a distinct sense of humor. She loves creating comics that make others laugh because she enjoys laughing. The artist, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in comic arts, creates amusing illustrations depicting odd events in life or a fantasy universe inhabited by mermaids and other creatures. She is best known for her “Blanche.draw” comics series. She is an incredibly talented artist who has captured the hearts of many Instagram users with her funny and relatable comics. 

Blanche’s comics often depict the funny and awkward moments of everyday life, which many of us can relate to. Her illustrations are simple yet effective, and she has a great sense of humor that shines through in all her work. Her comics are a great way to laugh at ourselves and the absurdities of life. That’s why she is able to grasp an audience of 31,900 followers on her Instagram account.

Blanche’s comics are not only funny and relatable, but they also touch on important issues such as mental health and body positivity. In one comic, she addresses the issue of body shaming and the pressure to conform to society’s beauty standards. The comic is a powerful message about loving oneself and being confident in one’s own skin. We have compiled her recent 20 hilarious illustrations in the following section. I hope everyone will enjoy these comics.

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Credit: Blanche.draw

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#1. How do you dress when you work out?

#2. Greet mother

#3. Gaming Life


#4. Valentines day

#5. Happy Valentines Day

#6. Happy Birthday


#7. I miss him

#8. Cheeky Brain

#9. Power Nap


#10. Being comfy is must

#11. Disgusting

#12. What’s your go to show


#13. Earthquake Time

#14. Everytime!

#15. Best present ever, right?


#16. Global Warming

#17. Baby bloom

#18. Uh?


#19. Midnight Fear

#20. Cute but odd

#21. He’s a feet lover for sure


#22. Not creepy at all

#23. New personal goal


#24. Music

#25. Two types of people

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