20 Relatable Comics Explore the everyday Experiences of Young Women




Relatable comics have become a popular medium for exploring and sharing the everyday experiences of young women. These comics provide a platform for artists to depict the relatable struggles, triumphs, and quirks of female existence, capturing the attention and hearts of readers worldwide. These comics delve into a variety of themes, ranging from self-discovery and relationships to career aspirations and societal expectations. They often feature characters who navigate the complexities of modern life with humor.

Blanche.draw is the Instagram handle of Montreal-based artist Blanche Labrecque. With over 31,900 followers, Blanche is known for her witty and relatable comics that explore the everyday experiences of young women. Blanche’s comics are often drawn in a simple yet expressive style. She uses a limited color palette, but her characters are full of personality. Blanche’s comics often feature herself as the protagonist, and she is not afraid to poke fun at her own flaws. She also creates tattoos.

Her work is often inspired by her own experiences as well as the experiences of the women around her. Blanche’s art is a celebration of the female experience, and it is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Relatable comics beautifully illustrate the ups and downs of this journey, depicting characters wrestling with self-doubt, exploring their passions, and ultimately embracing their unique selves. She skillfully infuses her comics with wit and clever dialogue, creating moments that elicit laughter and a sense of shared experience. Whether it’s poking fun at awkward social encounters or finding the humor in everyday mishaps, Blanche’s comics serve as a reminder to embrace life’s quirks and not take ourselves too seriously.

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Credit: Blanche.draw

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#1. Spider verse effect

#2. Sniff sniff

#3. Promote it

#4. Happy pride!

#5. Being at a convention be like

#6. Lucid dream

#7. Messy handshake

#8. Tea time

#9. Shine like the sun

#10. Best mermaid

#11. Get some help

#12. Intrusive thoughts

#13. Killer

#14. Ice skating

#15. Being tattooed

#16. Skiing

#17. Baby

#18. Thoughts

#19. Relaxing

#20. Cutting

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