Artist Create 20 Adorable Animal Comics To Raise Your Spirits

We are accustomed to seeing birds rising in the skies, animals running in the fields, or swimming in the sea. However, we do not know what is going on in their minds because they are doing all this work. But artist Rajinik Patel does. Or at least he tries to imagine.


Attracting them to human traits, Patel caricatures animals where wolves, spiders, and octopuses become husbands, wives, and kids, and in familiar situations, the artist easily facilitates his participation. Is. Keep scrolling and take a look for yourself.

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I am an engineer from India but I also love animals and dinosaurs, and that is why I started making these comics in the first place. The positive emotions I feel about animals are forcing me to learn a little bit about them (I think I’m like a dinosaur idiot too). “


The artist said that the extra knowledge he has gained over the years helps him to be more creative when it comes to stories. It helps him maintain a perfect balance between his characters, keeping the animals to himself and making them more human.









You won’t be hit by a big bang or a grip car in the series. I focus on funny, real-life situations, Patel said, adding that positive vibes and relationships are some of the key things he is trying to incorporate into his comedy. I don’t know about you, but I can use some of the people I’m living this year in an uncertain, isolated life.



















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