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There are many artists who possess the remarkable ability to take life’s everyday problems and transform them into sources of laughter and amusement. French artist Ariane, known for her unique and uproarious comics, is a shining example of this artistic talent. Through her work, she has breathed life into the seemingly mundane, rendering it in a hilarious light that resonates with audiences worldwide. Today we bring a new collection of comics for you, which will surely be relatable to everyone. Let’s explore these comics by scrolling down to the section below.

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Credit: Ari Stocrate

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#1. Fair Skin

#2. Life with Cat

#3. That was close

#4. Expectation vs Reality

#5. Ever Experienced?

She is best known for her webcomic series, Ari Stocrate. Ariane’s unique gift lies in her ability to view ordinary situations through a laughter-inducing lens. What sets Ariane apart is her profound understanding of the human experience. Her comics are a mirror reflecting the quirks, challenges, and absurdities of everyday life. Whether it’s the frustrations of dealing with modern technology, the complexities of relationships, or the comical aspects of adulting, Ariane’s art speaks to the relatable aspects of our existence.

#6. Before and After

#7. Just Pooping

#8. Monster

#9. Ice-cream

#10. Grab Both

#11. Illustrator

While Ariane hails from France, her comics possess a universal charm that transcends borders and languages. Her work speaks to the shared experiences of people from diverse backgrounds, making her art accessible and relatable to a global audience of 139,000 people. Her work serves as more than just entertainment; it’s a source of connection and camaraderie for individuals who appreciate her knack for highlighting the hilarity in life’s challenges.

#12. Still Searching

#13. Skin Problems

#14. Just Go Ahead

Ariane’s artistry is a testament to the power of humor in navigating the complexities of the human experience. Through her hilarious comics, she has provided a lens through which we can all appreciate the absurdity and beauty of everyday life. In a world that can often feel overwhelming, Ariane’s work serves as a reminder that sometimes the best response to life’s problems is a hearty laugh.

#15. Life

#16. That’s Gross

#17. Chatting

#18. New Year

#19. Don’t Know

#20. What time is it?

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