20 Times Female Artist Vi Marchetti Shares Adorable Moments That Happen in Her Life

Today, we’re back with more comics from renowned female creator Vi Marchetti. She is an illustrator and cartoonist from Brazil. She is well-known for her realistic and humorous drawings, which usually address problems with personalities, relationships, and everyday mishaps. Usually, she creates comics with four panels. Her sense of humor makes her different from other creators.


She is a comic artist who creates relatable comics about her life, relationships, and her cat. The artist’s main objective when drawing these comics is to use humor that makes readers smile. Her 3,961 genuine Instagram followers show that she has succeeded in her mission of spreading joy. Some of her best comics are in the section that follows. We hope these comics will make you smile a little bit.

Credit: Vi Marchetti

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#1. Stop


#2. Rating


#3. Coincidence

#4. Wearing Green


#5. So Much Weight

#6. Cats


She is a skilled illustrator and cartoonist who creates humorous and interesting work. She enjoys drawing from her time in school. The artist primarily uses the end pages of her notebooks to illustrate many different topics. Her comics are typically composed of concise, well-defined scenarios that portray everyday happenings, feelings, and experiences in wonderfully surprising ways.

#7. Opinion

#8. Talking to cats


#9. Just a dream

#10. Meetup


#11. No idea

#12. Back to home


#13. Destroyed

#14. Piece of trash


Fans are drawn to her particular style, which helps her become a well-known and respected artist on Instagram and other platforms. Her daily experiences are the main source of inspiration for her. She generally presents herself as the lead character in her comics. We hope her comics are enjoyable. If you like her comics, please comment and share this blog.

#15. Pet paralysis

#16. Dessert


#17. Whole Book

#18. Sixth Sense


#19. Baby Talk

#20. Handstand


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