20 Field Explores Comics Based on Random Situations and Silly Things

We are back to discuss an Instagram account, which is popular for making comics based on gaming themes. An Instagram account named Field Explores publishes witty and interesting comics on a variety of topics, including gaming experiences, war themes, and darker themes. The creative mind behind this comic series is a female artist who introduced herself as a granmother character in this comic series.

Although she remained anonymous, she works as a talented graphic designer. The artist describes herself as a simple grandmother who is just your average video game enthusiast and who draws lots of silly things. She mostly makes comics based on random situations and silly things. By doing so, she is able to gather an audience of 14,500 followers on her Instagram account. If you want to enjoy her best comics, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Field Explores

For More Info: Instagram

#1. Things that young people say

#2. Found

#3. Drawing


#4. Pet

#5. No Monsters

#6. Academic Environment


According to the artist, characters in video games and fight comics typically have incredible talents and abilities. We may get lost in the idea of being strong and powerful and overcoming difficulties by experiencing them intentionally and reading about them. She chose these themes for her comics because of this, establishing him apart from other artists. Her comics are mostly enjoyed and relatable by gamers.

#7. New Student

#8. New School

#9. New Friend


#10. Mature

#11. Home

#12. Amazing


#13. Video Games

#14. Escaped

She went on to say that these drawings are an enjoyable opportunity to appreciate life’s little pleasures and not take things too seriously in a world full of stress and serious challenges. Her creative works include everything from gaming experiences to silly moments and make readers of all ages smile and giggle. If you want to enjoy more of her comics, simply click here and here.

#15. One more round


#16. Let’s Try it

#17. Trapped

#18. Glue


#19. Let me win

#20. Almost Over

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